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CIS-52020  Solar pest Spectrum Lamp
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Solar pest Spectrum Lamp:CIS-52020

Solar pest killer light CIS-52020 

Product Description:
Solar Panel: 10W
Battery: 12AH
Voltage: 12V
Light-wave syntonization:  5W
Function: The insect killer light resorts the advanced world techniques of light-wave syntonization to reach a higher and wider efficiency in pest-killing.
Product Trait:
1.Energy-saving: electricity generated by solar energy, green resources
2.Environment-friendliness: replacement of pesticides, keeping balance in nature
3.Safety: without damage
4.Convenience: the weight is less than 15 kilograms. automatically control, easy installation, solid structure, wind-resistance, maintenance free, connection free, work field free.
5.Efficiency: a thorough killer to pests and can stop to use pesticides within 3 months
Working principles:
The photoelectricity triggered by the sunshine upon the solar cells which will creates the current and reserve them in the batteries. When the night falls, it starts its pest-trapping with the help of light control and time control. The light with reflection in the water basin directly attracts the insects so that these insects drown in the water. In this way, after five hours, the number of insects will be dramatically decreased while the light will be automatically turned off. The benefits of this working theory are many folded: killing insects and protecting their natural enemies, achieving balanced biological chain, and applying physical and biological pest-containment.

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