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CIS-18053  Solar Light Jar
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Solar Light Jar:CIS-18053

Solar Light Jar CIS-18053 
Product Description:
Solar panel: 5.5V/120MA
Battery: 3×1.2V/1200MAH or 800MAH, optional
LED: Super bright LED, 4x0.085W
LED color: white or colorful.
Material: mosaic glass and ABS
Product Size: D130MM* H110MM
Control System: With manual main switch and light control switch. Automatic Switching system to light up your room automatically when dark comes
Working time: more than 8-12 hours
Accessory:USB cable/manual/adapter (optional)
Charging ways:
1.Solar energy
2.To connect to USB port of computer。For preventing continuous rainy days, the product supports to charge via USB or adapter with output voltage 5-6V and output current≤600MA.
3.USB cable is the standard accessory of light jar, but the adapter is optional according to different demands of customers.
Product features:
1.With high quality rechargeable Ni-H battery as power, it can recycle to use. First way charging is solar energy, it is cost saving and friendly to environment. The Sun Jar is an automatic night light which absorbs the sunlight during the day, and glows during the night. Sealed in a completely watertight frosted glass Jar is a highly efficient solar panel, three rechargeable AA batteries, and four warm color LED lights. Hidden within the jar are also the electronics which automatically switch the Sun Jar when it is dark.
2. Since the Sun Jar is completely waterproof, it can be left outside to charge, and even used as a garden light. It can be as a wonderful mobile decoration light in your room, especially It can be as a wonderful night light for a child’s bedroom,it won’t be too light or too dark,and that the light is very warm and soft. It can be left on a windowsill to charge, but for best results it should be left in direct sunlight - either outside, or with the lid of the jar left open at an angle where the most sun possible hits it during the day. When the jar is placed in sunlight the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery .To fully charge the Sun Jar in direct sunlight about 5-8 hours, and the jar will glow 8 to 12 hours.
Usage ways:
1.For raising the life of battery, before first usage, please make sure the charging time, more than 4 hours for USB and adapter, more than 12 hours for solar energy.
2.Since the manual switch is close before products were sent out. So please take down the waterproof plastic cover and open the manual switch before you use the light jar.
3.Normally the manual main switch should be open for ever because the daily control of the product is to use light control switch.
4.The best time for charging of solar energy is 10:30 A.M to 15:30 P.M, please let the sunshine directly shoot the solar panel.
5.When meeting continuous rainy days, please use USB to connect to the USB port of computer or use suitable adapter.
1.Unless you need open or close the manual switch or use USB or adapter to charge, normally please don’t open the waterproof plastic cover that will result in short circuit.
2.If you don’t use the product in a long time, please let the product charge one time every 15 days. Or it will affect the life of battery.
3.If you don’t use the product in a long time, please close the manual switch.
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